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Spiky Massage Ball

£6.00 (Sold out)

The Spiky Massage Ball is a small, firm, spiky ball designed to massage tension away from the back, shoulders, feet and hands. Significantly firmer than the Franklin balls and fascia roll, the Spiky Massage ball applies more direct pressure to specific spots of tension. It is an essential part to your wellbeing kit which can be easily be placed in your bag, suitcase or kept at the office.

Good for:
Perfect for targeting specific trigger points, knots or areas with built up tension. Can be placed against the back, Glutes (buttocks), under feet or held in the hand.

How to use:
Place the ball under tight and aching muscles almost anywhere in the body and simply massage away! If using it in the office, sit on the ball placing it underneath one side of your bottom or place behind in between one side of your back and the chair. If lying down use slow, sweeping movements to knead into knots and breathe deeply to maximise effect. Can also be stood As these balls are harder, ensure that the ball is placed into muscular areas and not against the spine or joints.

For more information about how to use the balls, videos and top tips, check out the shop Blog!

Product details:
Approximately 7 cm in diameter, yellow in colour
Latex and phthalate-free, made in Italy