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Franklin Fascia Roll™

£16.00 (Sold out)

The Franklin Fascia Roll™ supports, massages and stimulates the body during Franklin Method exercises. The water filled component offers added weight and a unique density. Different from the textured and spiky surfaces of the other balls, the Franklin Fascia Roll™ gently stimulates the fascia rather than kneading into specific areas of tension. This works as a great way to soften and relax the muscles in the body without being too invasive.

Good for:
The Fascia Roll™ massages and rolls away tension from the muscles around the shoulder blades, neck, lower back and feet. The peanut shape gently supports and cups the body. Feels great on the sole of the foot, behind the calves, hamstrings and shoulder blades.

How to use:
Place the fascia roll underneath desired area, slowly roll forward and back. If using underneath the shoulder blade, circle the arm around focusing on tight areas.

For more information about the Franklin Method, videos and top tips, check out the shop Blog!

Product details:
You can use these at home, in the gym/studio, in the office
The roll is partially filled with water, comes inflated and weighs around 800g
The water-filled diameter is approximately 9 cm, purple in colour
Latex and phthalate-free, made in Italy