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Whilst there is a lot of talk about postnatal exercise, there seems to be a lack of guidance during pregnancy. My Active Pregnancy Guide will give you the low down as simply as possible and hopefully you will grab some tips and be motivated to keep active!

Regular exercise and eating a balanced healthy diet will help the development of the baby AND equip the mother’s body to do it’s job as best it can.

Research has also suggested that the benefits of exercising whilst pregnant can be reaped by the mother 10, even 20 years later!

Each pregnancy is different so you need to listen to your body and follow its lead. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. This is happening to you and it is your unique journey. At this time in your life, many people will be telling you what is happening to your body and what you should or should not be doing. Whilst it in general is well meant, it can be extremely overwhelming. Providing you are listening to your body, be confident that YOU know best and follow your natural gut instinct.

1st Trimester Context:

During the first trimester ( 0 - 13 weeks) your body goes through rapid changes! This is likely to be the trimester where on the outside it looks like nothing much is happening, but on the inside your body is being transformed! Your body is working in absolute overdrive to develop the fertilised egg, which has successfully attached to the womb lining into a teeny tiny person! The amount of energy this requires is inconceivable. Not only does the embryo grow in size, but it is developing primitive organs, facial features, fingers, toes, and the spine and brain are even visible at this point - amazing!

The Baby Center has a great video and shows you the development through the 1st trimester.


It is very common for women in the 1st trimester to suffer from sickness, nausea, sore breasts, breathlessness and extreme tiredness which can effect your ability and desire to exercise! Yes, in many ways it feels like the worst trimester and personally it hit me like a tonne of bricks!

Exercise facts:

From a physiological perspective, providing you are having a ‘normal’ pregnancy, you are actually able to carry on with your existing exercise schedule. One thing from the start, avoid fast rotating (twisting) from the waist as this 'can' damage the connection from the baby to the womb.

Despite the embryo/foetus being at the most vulnerable stage, it is highly unlikely for you to cause any damage from exercising. Most complications come from the genetic make up which is something you are not in control of. In fact, physical activity has been found to help to elevate nausea and tiredness!

With this said, common sense prevails. You should bear in mind the physical environment in which you are exercising in. For example, if you are a cyclist, boxer or runner, there are external factors which need to be taken into account from a safety point of view. It does not mean to say you have to stop yet, however you may want to take extra precautions.

Tips and advice:

My personal advice is to exercise when you feel good; sleep when your body feels tired (I know this is not always possible); eat when you feel hungry!

For me, I felt pretty rubbish for the first 13 weeks so I did loads of walking every day (I had to because of my job) and when I was not feeling too nauseas I carried on with Pilates reformer and Yoga classes adapting where necessary. I exercised in the gym with weights and cycled on the bike. Let me be specific though, I went many weeks without doing ANY exercise other than walking.

In addition, ensure you have a well fitting sports bra as ligament damage in the breasts can be painful - it is a serious matter!

Now go, get out there and exercise! Feel confident that you are doing something good for you and the growing human inside!



By bzz1251, Jan 19 2016 06:37PM

Quickly grab yourself a bargain on the Yogandha oils!

They are heavily discounted for this New Year period and the cheapest on the internet at the moment!

Yogandha Salute Rollerball WAS £16, NOW £9!

This handy & healthful roll-on oil is called Salute. It will energise you before Yoga/Pilates practice or just when you need a lift. The grapefruit & bergamot scent will uplift, revive and stimulate wherever you are throughout your day. This oil will enhance your energy levels giving you a natural lift; it works great for jet lag, tiredness or when you need a boast on a long working day. Handy roller-ball size to fit in your handbag, travel case or gym bag.

Yogandha Detox Muscle Soothe WAS £25, NOW £18!

The Detox Yogandha muscle soothe body oil combines lemongrass & juniperberry offer refreshing, purifying and restorative qualities. This full body yoga oil was formulated to boost lymphatic drainage, supporting organic function to process the products released through your Yoga practice. It clears and cleanses the body on every level and formulated to boost lymphatic drainage and promote calmness in the mind.

By bzz1251, Apr 22 2015 09:06AM

Yogandha is a fantastic Irish company who hand make natural essential oils which can be used as part of your Yoga or Pilates practise, as your daily moisturiser or used for a natural pick me up.

Apart from smelling divine, this company are dedicated to making a difference.

5 reasons to love Yogandha oils

1. They source ethically and give 5% of profits back to fantastic Women for Women International charity

2. All oils are 100% natural and fully vegan so no 'nasties' are absorbed into the body

3. Yogandha boxes are made from 100% recycled fibres and produced in a carbon neutral facility

4. Boxes are 100% compostable so nothing

5. All inks and printed graphics are vegetable based or metallic foil

How to use the oils

The Salute rollerball is perfect to keep handy in your bag or at work. You can apply the uplifting grapefruit and bergamot to pulse points when you feel tired or need a refreshing lift. The Salute rollerball is a great scent to apply before your Yoga or Pilates class as it helps to centre your thoughts and prepare for class.

The Detox oil can be used as a daily body moisturiser, it can be poured into a hot bath, applied to the body after the bath or even used in massage. Whenever used it will cleanse and detox your body as well as deeply moisturising the skin. The Detox oil is crafted to help you relax during the relaxation phase of class or after at home to enhance the benefits of relaxation on the mind and body.

Now you know who Yogandha are, hop over to the SHOP and try them out!

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What is The Franklin Method?

The Franklin Method uses dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive change in your body and mind.

The Franklin Method was founded by Eric Franklin in 1994 and is taught all over the world. The Franklin Method is a internationally recognized by exercise and health specialists and is regularly seen at Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Physiotherapy conferences.

One of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century is the plasticity of the brain; that the lives we live shape the brain we develop. The Franklin Method is at the forefront of practical neuro-plasticity; showing you how to use your brain to improve your body’s function. It teaches you how to harness the transforming power of the mind. It can be applied to improve all of your abilities. It all starts with the knowledge that we have the power to change.

What does it do for you?

The Franklin Method teaches dynamic alignment and how to move your body with maximum efficiency to keep your body youthful and energized. Your whole body is part of a symphony of coordinated movement. In a sense, your posture is reinvented at every instant. In every moment, the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue, and muscle must be found and directed by your brain and nervous system.

How does it make you feel?

In one word - AMAZING! The reason why we sell them is because The Franklin Balls along with the exercises, knead into tight areas through gentle massaging and rolling movements. With the focus on alignment, breathe and freedom of movement, this equipment is heavily used in a Dalby Pilates class.


There are different Franklin products for different areas and purposes. Check out the shop to find the best ball for you!


Check out this useful video and learn from Eric Franklin directly! (These exercises can be used with the Textured Franklin Balls).

Relax and tone your Shoulders, Neck and Spine - Franklin Method®
Relax and tone your Shoulders, Neck and Spine - Franklin Method®

By bzz1251, Mar 20 2015 03:48PM

Welcome to the Dalby Pilates shop! We are super excited to be offering these hand selected of wellness products which will help you to feel amazing wherever you are!

Rebecca Dalby is a successful Pilates and Dance Fitness Trainer based in London. Over the years, clients have been hounding her about getting hold of the 'spiky balls' (Franklin Balls) she uses in class. After careful consideration, Rebecca has chosen a small collection of 'tools' which she (and her clients!) cannot do without. Her clients know them well, and now you too can experience the freedom of movement and relaxation from a Dalby Pilates class.

The only things we sell are what Rebecca herself uses and highly recommends.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to the brands which we have taken on board and the products which we know will help to melt away tension in the body and leave you feeling amazing. There are also a few items which we are proud to have been created exclusively for the Dalby Pilates shop.

We hope you enjoy mooching around the site and if you have any questions please get in touch via [email protected]

Look out for the next blog post where we will be introducing The Franklin Method balls which will transform how your body feels and functions on a daily basis (no exaggeration)!


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